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Palm Oil Mill Plant

Palm Oil Mill Plant, Tinytech Oil Mills


  1. We have provided steam boiler in this plant. You can give live steam flow to the heap of fresh fruit bunches.
  2. Palm fruits bunches then fed to stripper machine where palm fruits will be separated out.
  3. This palm fruits will be cooked in steam cooking kettle.
  4. From kettle it will fed to Mechanical screw press where oil will be squeezed and you can get very clear red palm oil.
  5. Oil thus produced will be filtered through a pump and thus you get very clear palm oil from filter press.
  6. From mechanical screw press you can get mixture of nut and fiber which is to be dried under sun.
  7. Nut and fiber can be separated out in nut fiber separator.
  8. One diesel engine will drive complete plant.

Capacity of the plant :-

This plant can produce 700 ~ 800 liters clear palm oil in 12 hours of a day.

Palm Fruit Stripper :-

It is very sturdy machine which strips off the palm fruits from the palm bunches. You have to simply feed palm bunches from one end of the machine and at the other end you have to take out empty palm bunches. Palm bunches are forced to jump by the revolving beater arms mounted on the 63mm Sqare shaft in such a way that palm bunches are jumping and falling on the beater arms again and again and beater arms are again throwing up by slightly revolving it and also by slightly pushing ahead. So by the heavy thrust of the jumping bunch on the beater arm, fruits are separated and they fall down from the sqare screen bars. At the bottom one conveyour is running which is collecting all the palm fruits and taking out from the bottom outlet. Entire machine is operated by 10 HP electric motor or 12 HP diesel engine. TINYTECH palm fruit stripper is capable of stripping off even non sterilized fruits very effectively. It has Approx. capacity of 2 to 3 tonnes of bunches per hour.

Palm Fruit Cooking Kettle :-

This kettle is mounted on palm fruit oil expeller and driven by the belt and pulley from the expeller. Kettle has 625mm dia having steam jacketed bottom. Cooking kettle is filled up with palm fruits which are revolving because of revolving arms. So there will be uniform steam cooking. Steam is added into the palm fruits simply by opening steam valve. So all the palm fruits are thoroughly cooked properly and become ready to liberate oil by pressing it. Then it goes by gravity to the expeller chamber.

Palm Fruit Oil Expeller:-

This is modern oil expeller having chamber size 550mm long × 160mm dia. It extracts oil from palm fruits instantaniously without breaking palm nuts. Oil liberated from fruits escape from the very thin slits and fall down into the oil tank having steam jacketed bottom to keep the oil in hot condition. The palm nuts and fibres are ejected from the side. There is a cone arrangement to adjust the gap. It can be adjusted in running condition of the expeller without disturbing the production. 10 HP 960 RPM, electric motor drives the oil expeller and cooking kettle both. Oil expeller has crushing capacity of 400kg. of palm fruits per hour or more.

Nut Fiber Separator :-

This is very simple and efficient device for separating palm nuts and fibers. Mixture of palm nuts and fibers duly dried under the sun is fed into the hopper at the upper end of the inclined revolving cylinder made of wire woven screen. While revolving the mixture it is going ahead downward and fibers are coming out from the screen throughout the periphery of the cylinder. Palm nuts are discharged at the lower end of the cylinder.

Steam Boiler :-

This is very efficient boiler. Any type of fuel such as fibers, cracked palm shells or husk / agriculture waste can be utilized. On the top of the boiler, there is economizer in which the water is heated up by escaping flue gases. The boiler has 600 mm diameter and 1800 mm height.

Oil Clarifier :-

This is only one vessel with rectangular or cylinderical shape. It is filled with mixture of oil and water and allowed to settle it. As oil is lighter than water, oil comes upward and water remains downward. The pure oil collected on the upper surface is drained through the screen into a smaller vessel with less height put into the bigger vessel. Thus oil is taken out from the smaller vessel which remains into the bigger vessel. This is called oil clarifier.

Mechanical Screw Press :-

This is hand operated mechanical screw press for traditional palm oil mill. It has two cages each of 400mm dia × 400mm height with 400 peripherial holes to escape the oil. It takes about 40kg. of digested palm fruits. Cage is arranged in the center of the press and top pressure plate is put on it and pressure is applied by revolving the screw manually. Within 3 to 4 minutes only, oil is liberated and flushing out of the small holes all around periphery of the cage. Then pressure of the screw is increased by further revolving the screw by two persons with long lever. the entire oil sqeezing operation takes about 8 to 10 minutes. Then pressure is released and cage is taken out and another cage filled up with digested palm fruits is put under the press. So this is batch type production. It is possible to get five batches per hour. So total crushing capacity per hour will be 200kg.

Pounding Machine :-

This machine is for pounding and digesting the sterilized palm fruit in a traditional palm oil mill. Machine is made of horizontal stationery cylinder in which shaft is rotating having beater arms on the shaft. So due to beating action, palm fruits are pounded and discharged from the bottom outlet. The machine is driven by 5 HP electric motor or 6 HP diesel engine. (In tiny palm oil mill, pounding machine is not required because pounding action is taken care of by palm oil expeller itself.)

We have not offered expeller which produces sludge + oil and afterwards separation is a problem. One of our customer from Ghana (West Africa) strongly informed us that he is very happy with mechanical screw press and he does not use expeller anymore so based on his practical experience, above is a perfect offer to you.