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Copra Cutter

Copra Cutter, Seed Processing Machinery

Copra cutter cuts the Copra balls into small pieces and makes them suitable for crushing.

Model TP-CC
Cutting Capacity 300 Kg / Hour
Weight 200 Kg
Electric Motor 4 HP Motor
Dimensions (Inches) 60(L) x 20(W) x 50(H)
Volume 0.60 cubic metre

We manufacture and export Copra Cutter Machine as a part of coconut oil mill project. In order to extract oil from coconut, the kernel of the coconut is dried, cut and pressed for expelling. The dried kernel of a coconut is known as Copra. Oil is extracted from a coconut by crushing the copra. A coconut has a hard cover as we all know. In order to extract and break the copra for the oil extraction purpose, Copra Cutters are used. Our Copra cutter is used to break big copra into small pieces, which are then feed into the expeller to extract the copra oil. Primarily, Copra is well dried and is cleaned well from all kinds of unwanted particles. After the cleaning is done, they are cut into small pieces with the help of our Tinytech Copra Cutter Machine.

Copra Cutter manufactured by us is available in mainly 2 sizes. One is motor driven other is expeller shaft driven. expeller shaft driven copra cutter need more involvement of labour as one by one copra feeding & pushing by a lever is done manually. Budget customer can request this type of copra cutter.