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Gopal Desai

I am a mechanical engineer. During my traveling to 30 countries, I have noticed human heart is same all over and mostly people are very good. I have been pleased the most when I have listened success stories by our oil mill customers. I am vegetarian by food & I do not smoke OR drink alcohol as I believe that life is very precious & only healthy body can enjoy happy life.

I strongly believe that real homogeneous development of any country is possible only through small scale machinery in every possible field.

I enjoy deep happiness to run this humanitarian business and I try my best to run it with ethical and moral values.

My Views

My views for Healthy and Happy Life.

  1. If possible, remember always that our life is not for an unlimited period. The most definite and sure and certain event in our life is our death.
  2. Any disease in the body starts due to 5 reasons (must remember) : Our nature + behavior, Our thinking, Our habits, Our mind status & Food quality. If first 4 are positive + hygienic food will make any person very healthy till end of life. Be vegetarian, if possible.
  3. Money is just similar to blood pressure. If it increases beyond certain limit, it creates trouble just like high blood pressure. If it decreases below certain limit, it creates trouble just like low blood pressure. As we remain healthy between narrow range of blood pressure, same is with money.
  4. Attitude of earning more and more money is not good, but attitude of job satisfaction is more important. Do not work at the cost of health.
  5. Real happiness is generated by knowing the value of " Truth, transparency & Honesty " One who wants to understand God, must read Gandhiji's book "Truth itself is the GOD". I feel that by reading mahatma Gandhi's books, visual sense brightens & it helps to understand very clearly how to turn remaining life into right direction. Any work without self interest will give deepest satisfaction. Service to the mankind is big service.
  6. To become really happy, be satisfied & During your free time, you might think to do something for self less benevolent humanitarian activity.
  7. Concentrate on basic needs of people i.e. Food , Shelter & cloth. Do something so that lots of employment is created & at-least all people in this world get these 3 basic necessity. This is only possible through, micro, small, family Or village level industries.