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Palmnut / Palmkernel Cracker

Palmnut / Palmkernel Cracker, Seed Processing Machinery

Palm Nut Cracker breaks the palm nuts & gives mixure of the palm kernels & husks. 2 HP high speed motor is fillted in the machine & rotter is fitted directly on motor shaft. We do provide switch to operate this machine. Kernel shell separator is not manufactured currently by us traditional separation techniques are to be used by customer.

Palm kernels need to be cracked before crushing in palm kernel cracker since they are very hard hence palm kernel crushing becomes more effective.

Model TP-SPC
Capacity 300 Kg / Hour
Weight 70 Kg
Dimensions (Inches) 21(L) x 21(W) x 29(H)
Volume CBM 0.30
Electric Motor 2 HP Motor