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Cake Conveyors

Cake Conveyors, Oil Mill Machinery

Once the oil extraction process of oilseeds is completed, the coarse residue is left behind and it is allowed to come out through the discharge outlet of the oil expelling machine. This residue is known as Oilcake.

Cake conveyors are well known equipments to convey the material from one place to another in the oil mill processing plant. The cake conveyors are again an integral part of the oil extraction unit. The direction of transfer for the cake conveyor is into the horizontal direction. The oilcakes are transported and sent away to required location by means of the horizontal movement.

After the oil cake is formed, it will come out of the machine and start accumulating. This cake is hot when freshly comes out. In order to avoid the big lumps and big accumulation of oilcake at one place, the cake has to be conveyed away from the milling area for subsequent process. The cake discharge is a continuous process and the volume of oilcake coming out is also more. Hence to reduce the manpower and tedious work, a special type of equipments are used which are known as Cake Conveyors.

In order to speed up the whole oil cake processing process, the use of cake conveyors plays a very important and vital role. The conveyor consists of rotating screws or moving belts which run on a motor and a belt which is used for conveying the cakes.

There are two types of Tinytech Cake Conveyors that are available
  • Screw Type Cake Conveyor
  • Belt Type Cake Conveyor

The screw type cake conveyor is made of steel screws while the belt type conveyor is made up of rubber. The design of our Tinytech cake conveyors are such that they prevent the mixing of the conveyors with other unwanted materials. It is very important that the cakes do not get mixed with other materials as they are used as cattle and poultry feed and are considered as highly nutritious.

Some of the salient features of Tinytech Cake Conveyors are
  • Made by Top Class Manufacturer with Innovative Techniques
  • Wide Assortment of Cake Conveyors are available
  • Our cake conveyors come in different capacities.
  • Applicable for Short and Long Distances both.
  • Decreases loss of Time and Use of Manual Labor
  • Fast Operation in Oil Mill
  • High Quality Steel and Welding Process in making of Cake Conveyors
  • Very Long Life due to Sturdy Fabrication
  • Life Span of 20 Years


  • Cake Conveyors
  • Cake Conveyors
  • Cake Conveyors
  • Cake Conveyors
  • Cake Conveyors
  • Cake Conveyors