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Solar Cookers

Solar Cookers, Renewable Energy Equipments

AADHUNIK GLOBAL ENERGY, division of TINYTECH PLANTS is a manufacturer of a wide range of renewable energy devices including domestic and community solar cookers. Recently they have designed completely new light weight parabolic domestic solar cooker of 1.2 mt dia and started manufacturing it for world market. They claim to be India’s biggest manufacturer of domestic parabolic solar cookers manufacturing 1000 parabolic solar cookers of 1.2 mt dia at a time. Its unique features are as under.

  • The entire cooker is of folding design which is our unique facility making transport very easy and cheap. It is dispatched in corrugated cartoon box. Packing size 36” x 13” x 3”. Weight of cooker is only 14 kg.
  • You can assemble the entire cooker in 15 minutes. Tying the reflector strips will take an additional 40 minutes.
  • Reflector frame has an attractive paraboloid shape with a short focal length. It is made of 5 circles of bright bars cut in to segments and connected by bolts with 6 parabolic strips of 16 mmx 3 mm.
  • This cooker has dual axis tracking. Parabolid can tilt in horizontal axis and also revolves on vertical axis, both axis passing through focal point. This is also unique feture of our solar cooker.
  • Base frame and revolving frame are made from box pipe of 20 mm x 20 mm.
  • Entire cooker is powder-coated in attractive colours.
  • A video CD is provided with every cooker to help in assembling.
  • Reflector sheets are anodized aluminum. Cooking results are given overleaf with actual experiments.

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