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Colour Mixing Drum
Colour Mixing Drum

Hydraulic Press
Hydraulic Press

Tiles Grinding Machine
Tiles Grinding Machine

Process Description

Flooring tiles of 250 mm x 250 mm or 300 mm x 300 mm are manufactured from white cement, dolomite poweder, grey cement, sand and chips of various coloured stones. First of all liquid paste of white cement and dolomite powder (in 1:2 proportion) with appropriate colour is prepated and spread into the moulds upto roughly 6 to 8 mm. Then chips (upto the weight of white cement and dolomite powder) are arranged into the moulds according to the desired design. Then mixture of grey cement and sand is spread over it upto about 12 to 14 mm thick. The mould is then kept under the hydraulic press and pressure is applied. Due to the heavy pressure, entire mass takes a solid shape and it is possible to take out tile in the solid form. Then mould is removed from the press and tile is carefully taken out of the mould and it is arranged on the rack vertically. Then tiles are dried for about 2 days and then it is stacked into the water tank for about 2 days and then water is sprinkled on it frequently up to seven days. So in the course of one week, it is completely cured. Then it is put on the coarse polishing machine in reverse direction i.e. upside down and it is polished roughly.

Thereafter actual flooring of the tiles into the building is done, all joints are filled with white cement and after one or two days fine polising machine is applied on the floor to give lustre and smoothness.


Hydraulic Press capacity 4 tones with 5 HP Electric Motor-2 Nos.
Preparatory Tables-4 Nos.
Charging Tables-4 Nos.
Tiles Racks-4 Nos.
Die set for tiles-4 sets.
Moulds-4 Nos.
Colour Mixing Drum with counter shaft drive deive, pulleys, belts, 2 HP Motor etc-1.
Coarse Grinding Machine for tiles with 5 HP Motor-1 No.
Monoblock pump for water supply 1 HP-1 No.
Extra moulds for various designs of Galicha-10 sets.
Floor Polishing Machine with 2 HP Motor-2 Nos. (not part of the factory)

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