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We manufacture Scheffler Reflectors which is the basic solar concentrating device which can be used for various solar applications. The easiest way is to use Scheffler Reflector as community solar cooker for cooking the meals for about 100 people within 60 to 90 minutes. In near future, Scheffler Reflectors will be used in thousands of quantities for electricity generation by using dish stirling system. Similarly, Scheffler Reflectors have wide future scope for water lifting. In numerous food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries involving heating process, Scheffler Reflectors have bright future. So in future, Scheffler Reflectors will be used in millions of quantity in various solar applications. At present, Scheffler Reflectors are used in 20 countries mainly for community cooking.

Scheffler Reflector


Scheffler Reflector is the ingenious device for concentrating sunshine and creating heat invented by Mr. Wolfgang Schffler in Germany. There are various sizes of reflectors such as 7.5 sq. mtr., 8.5, 9.5, 11 sq. mtr. etc. We manufacture only one size of 11 sq. mtr. Scheffler reflector concentrates sunshine from 11 sq. mtr. to a small spot of about 30 cm. dia. i.e. concentration ratio is about 125 times. Reflector has sun tracking device by which it always faces the sun.

The specific feature of this reflector is that concentration point of the sunshine is at the same place throughout the day eventhough reflector dish is moving along with the sun from morning to evening. So it is possible to cook the food or use the concentrated heat at the concentration point which is some what away from the reflector dish.

Reflector dish is of elliptical shape 4.6mtr × 3.26mtr. made of pipe structure on which glass mirrors are fitted in paraboloidal curves. Alluminium channels support the glass mirrors. Entire reflector dish is mounted on the tracking device which is fitted on the fixed stand and foundation frame. 

Scheffler Reflector 2.7 Square Meter

We also manufacture small beautiful folding Scheffler reflectors of 2.7 sq mt for homes and bunglows with automatic tracking device. We have such 12 Scheffler reflectors ready with us.